Terminus Atlanta




STEP 1: The Challenge

A mixed-use real estate development from Cousins Properties, Terminus offers living, working and leisure spaces to residents, businesses and visitors in Atlanta’s vibrant Buckhead district. Terminus’ online presence lacked cohesion across its core business functions—which did not support its position as a true mixed-use development. With inconsistent branding, poor navigation, ineffective search engine optimization and difficult-to-manage site administration systems, the Terminus website decreased site traffic, interaction and sales.


STEP 2: The Goal

Seeking to better engage residential, retail and business customers alike, Cousins Properties turned to Cool Blue Interactive to redesign the Terminus website. Cool Blue’s goal was to create an effective online portal with improved usability, an appealing visual layout, intuitive navigation and simplified content management to increase site traffic, usability and sales.


STEP 3: The Results

Cool Blue Interactive delivered with a user friendly, responsive site, including:

  • Up to date twitter feeds 
  • Redesigned interactive retail map
  • Leasing availabilities
  • Virtual tour


After fully exploring and understanding Cousins Properties’ business objectives and the needs of its target audience, Cool Blue applied the industry’s best practices in website design and usability to develop and deploy a single, cohesive and successful Terminus website that engages users across all of its core offerings—presenting a truly mixed-use customer/prospect support portal and meeting all business and marketing objectives.

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