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Google Analytics' New Features

Google Analytics is evolving to better provide useful information about how online visitors interact with a website. By integrating these and other enhanced tracking capabilities, you can propel your organization or business forward based on valuable site feedback.

Google+ Local – Another Way to +1 Your Competition

Google’s transition of Google Places to G+ Local will certainly have a tangible impact on the web, especially for local businesses. Currently, there is no link between a company’s G+ Local page, and their G+ Brand page, but Google has already stated they plan to merge the two.

Browser Version Compatibility

New, more advanced versions of web browsers are launched constantly – from Firefox 13 and Chrome 19 to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10, which is still in a beta release. Often to the chagrin of web site owners – many users struggle to keep pace.

How Your Site Can Keep Pace with Personal Devices

In the digital landscape of tablets, smartphones, laptops, TVs and other devices, it is more difficult to predict the channel through which someone will visit your site. And to add further complications – devices have screens of different sizes and shapes, which can alter the aesthetic value of a page’s content.

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