News Articles

Mobilizing Your Site for M-Commerce

With new smartphone technology, more and more consumers are using mobile phones to get information about a business, compare prices and make purchases. To keep pace, it’s critical to have a mobile-enabled website.

Google's Going "Places"

Google’s Local Business Center is now Google Places. See what its “one-stop” approach and streamlined functionality means for your business.

Yahoo! and Bing Merge

In February of 2010, United States and European regulators approved Yahoo! and Bing's merger to create a competitive choice in search for advertisers and consumers.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Web Analytics

To stay ahead of the web analytics game, we continually brush up on our skills and qualifications so we can pass that expertise on to you. Listen in on what we learned about the Seven Deadly Sins of Analytics.

Google Search Results

Google has finally incorporated site speed into their search ranking algorithms. Thanks to Google’s Webmaster Tools, it’s easier than ever to track site speed and a host of other important factors – and Cool Blue is here to help.

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