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Improving Site Content

Most effective websites share a few basic best practices. Conversely, the ones that don't work so well also seem to share some common mistakes. In this article, we've identified three of the top website pitfalls to avoid.

Cool Blue's Angie Fore: Now Google Analytics™ Certified

In early March of this year Google announced the launch of a new skills qualification program, Google Analytics™ Individual Qualification (IQ), which allows individuals to demonstrate proficiency in Google Analytics™. As of May 2009, after completing the program, Google’s classes, and rigorous testing, Cool Blue Interactive’s Technical Project Leader, Angie Fore, is officially Google Analytics™ certified.

For Pete's Sake Foundation: Winner of 2009 Grow Your Cause

With all votes counted for the 2009 Grow Your Cause effort, Cool Blue Interactive is proud to announce this year’s winner, For Pete’s Sake Foundation. The foundation is a volunteer-run organization that strives to maximize relief to families affected by the disease Wiskott-Aldrich Sydrome.

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