At Cool Blue, we’ve found that coupling excellence in two key disciplines gives your customers the best possible integrative experience—and maximizes your return on investment.  Which two?  We pair well-defined, proactive and measurable work methodology with outstanding visual design and usability.


UX - OOUX     

We believe there’s a better way. Applying what the industry has aptly termed “user experience design,” our award-winning, leading-edge approach to usability and visual design greatly enhances your ability to influence visitors to your site—especially the ones you target most deliberately.


Visual Design     

Our rigorous website planning process combines strategy, development and design, which results in a successful website that addresses the needs of your user and meets your business objectives.



Our proactive development process results in robust websites that meet even the most demanding functionality challenges. At the same time, we adhere to the highest international standards for code compliance.


Digital Marketing     

Whether you need to drive more traffic to your site, solidify relationships with existing customers or track performance, Cool Blue offers various support services that maximize the effectiveness of your website and ensure higher return on your investment.



Cool Blue is committed to developing and leveraging technology that helps you improve the way you do business. Utilizing the newly developed EchidNET intranet technology, Cool Blue can help you achieve a custom intranet that meets your business needs.



An interactive project doesn’t end when the creative and development phases are done. Now it’s time to bring your project to life on the web and we’re here to help you set up the best hosting solution for your individual needs. 

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