Visual Design     

Cool Blue fuses high-caliber visual design with the industry’s most advanced trends in websites, animation, motion graphics, email, landing pages, and mobile webpages. The result?  Award-winning, jaw-dropping and effective visual design, from a company proud to have won—and continues to win a—sizeable number of the industry's most coveted awards.




Our proactive development process results in robust websites that meet even the most demanding functionality challenges, while adhering to rigorous international standards in code compliance. We also ensure accuracy along the way, thanks to our code repository that catalogs code changes and issues for easy, reliable version control and documentation.     


Content Management Systems

We believe that a content management system (CMS) should be a solution, a prescription for the challenges you face when administering your website. That's why Cool Blue recommends Drupal, an open source CMS platform for building amazing digital experiences. Backed by a dedicated community of talented developers, Drupal enables users to create a unique space in a world of cookie-cutter solutions.


Custom Applications

Cool Blue's custom applications offer a tangible way for your customers to reap the benefits of your site, product or service, while also being fully mobile responsive. Here are a few of our most popular examples:    

  • Social Media Mashups. Utilizing popular social media application programming interfaces (APIs), Cool Blue is able to develop a constantly updated stream of social media posts and content. 
  • Configurators. These effective apps help your customers decide which of your products or services might work best for them. 
  • Interactive Maps. Cool Blue leverages power tools to build interactive maps that engage users with a multitude of online applications.

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