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The Challenge  

Overtime, the previous CDC Foundation website developed a need for additional enhancements primarily related to design and information architecture.  Improving web responsiveness, restructuring search/filtering functionalities, and adding a compelling feature for donation inquiries were key focuses of the project. To adhere to the CDC Foundation’s new branding – launched with the website on August 2017 – Cool Blue focused much of the project planning phase on developing a website structure that could support their new approach. Making a variety of resources and tools available to the Foundation’s key audiences (i.e. media and influencers, general public and CDC employees) was also crucial to site effectiveness.

The Goal

Although visitors have steadily increased since the last website design update in 2009, the focus of the 2017 redesign was to see an increase in user’s time spent on the site and number of overall page views. Our goal was for the site to personally connect with the user by emphasizing the CDC Foundation’s mission – communicated by their new tagline “together our impact is greater” – through featured stories and blog articles. It was important to make it simple and straightforward to take action (i.e. give to a fund, make a donation, and partner with the Foundation) and aid the organization’s efforts to increase financial support. While planning for an enhanced program section, key initiatives were implementing user-friendly search filters, categorizing program types, and displaying the breadth of active programs across the globe.

The Result

Featuring a new design and engaging interface, the new CDCF website features a modernized information architecture which allows users to locate specific content at ease. An intuitive partner section, interactive program map, and easy access to informative resources (i.e. news articles, blog posts, and press releases) are some of the many enhanced features in place. Our delivery of the new site included an integrated Drupal content management system with a modern, user-friendly navigation and design across multiple devices. 

Notable New Features:

  • Interactive world map highlighting the Foundation's programs
  • Thousands of press releases and blogs sorted by categories and searchable by keywords
  • Simpler, enhanced display of partnership and donor information

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