Bo Simmons

President & Founder

Cool Blue Interactive founder Bo Simmons has more than 23 years of business experience that includes business development, sales management and finance. A visionary by nature, Bo was one of the first to recognize how the Internet would forever change business communications in 1995. It prompted him to help launch an Internet billing product in 1996, and then start Cool Blue in 1997 to help companies broaden their reach by moving their brands online.   

Today, Bo leads Cool Blue’s business development and client strategy practice as chief executive officer, combining business acumen with best practices in information architecture, design and usability to deliver award-winning results for customers. Apart from Cool Blue, Bo maintains an active presence in the industry, from serving as judge on interactive awards panels and attending usability conferences to founding the Grow Your Cause initiative, which delivers the benefits of a new or enhanced web presence to local, growing nonprofit organizations. Learn more about Bo at

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