Georgia Tech - Admissions Mobile

1. Overview

2. Wayfinding

3. Mobile Navigation

The Challenge

Users’ emphasis on “way finding” inspired Cool Blue to redevelop the Directions and Parking pages entirely – starting at the desktop level to enable the new responsive website to repackage the content for mobile devices. New additions to the section included custom visual maps and online mapping services from Google and Apple.

The Goal

The desktop version of the site has deep levels of navigation for some topics. It was necessary to migrate this navigation to the limited mobile screen and create a quick and easy way to access all pages without sacrificing functionality. We achieved this by creating scrolling animated panels accessed by way of a hidden dropdown menu. Users can expose the menu at any time with one tap and move through each panel to find any link while maintaining their current place in the site.

Cool Blue experts also conducted on-campus user research with parents and prospective students. Findings were compared with deep reviews of web traffic patterns and usage for both mobile and desktop devices. We discovered the most critical areas of the site were mapping and way-finding, as well as decision-making content, such as Majors Offered and Costs for Attending School. These critical categories were made front and center on the new homepage to give the user easier access to what they typically need most.

The Result

Cool Blue launched the mobile version of Georgia Tech’s Admission website in September 2012.  Leveraging the existing web content with a Drupal CMS, Cool Blue developed a “responsive site”-  enabling text and images to adapt, fitting perfectly on hand-held devices.

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