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The Challenge

The Alliance Theatre is the leading producing theatre in the Southeast, creating the powerful experience of world-class shared theatre for diverse people. Their existing site was ill-equipped to allow them to promote various types of content effectively or communicate to the user the breadth of their offerings. They requested a new site that could strike a balance between revenue producing ticket sales – the life blood of the Alliance – and serving the missions of a vast education effort as well as new play development to strengthen the national theatre field by supporting the work of emerging writers.

In addition, the Alliance also needed better internal editing capabilities through an improved CMS, the ability to promote and highlight different types of content at different times along with improved navigation, a richer experience to help promote shows and events, and the use of Responsive Web Design to reach an ever-growing community of mobile device users and ensure they have an equally rich experience.

The Goal

Our top targets were to serve show patrons and enable ticket sales while also serving a wider, more complex audience seeking educational information and services. We identified various audience members and built personas to craft experiences and direct the site's architecture.

Our delivery of the new site included a new Drupal CMS that allows a wider Alliance Theatre team the ability to easily and effectively update the site. We focused on the user experience for all the intended audiences through clear content organization, navigation and created a more dynamic presentation of shows and events that engages users with richer imagery and graphics to create a higher quality branding.  A key overall goal for the long term was to ensure the site was usable on any device including smart phones.

The Result

We set an ambitious goal of completing the project in a mere 4 months and met that deadline. For the 2013/14 season, the Alliance reports approximately 13% more online revenue to date. And total online transactions have increased by 22% for all ticket orders.

Other stats include:

  • Mobile usage through the new responsive web design increased by 68% for smart phones and 65% for Tablets.
  • Total Web Traffic Increased by 25% 
  • Total page views were up 38% while average page views and time on site were both up 11%. The overall bounce rate while low due to the very loyal patronage was a reduced by another 6% to 38% 

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